◼ Business overview

Simon Brisson is the entrepreneur having founded designmywall.ca. Employee at a wide format printing workshop since he was 18 years old, he saw the field of wide format printing explode : murals for bars and ballrooms, lettering for vehicles and small companies; Simon Brisson’s imagination led him to offer printing products of many genres, all around the world.


◼ At the beginning

img-photo-simon In 2010, Simon Brisson started to feel the need to start his own business in order to better control the quality of the products and services offered to his clients. The business has met a lighting success thanks in part to the devotion of his wife and business partner, an experienced graphic designer. Finally, in 2016, the business launched the current website, giving to clients around the world a direct access to the local talent developed and refined by this family-owned business since many years.


◼ The goals

At designmywall.ca, quality goes first. With the evolution of technologies and the panoply of available printing services, it is quite easy for anyone to believe they can get quality prints at a reasonable price anywhere they go. What differentiates printing experts such as those found at DesignMyWall is a deep understanding of the materials used for printing, of their interactions with the properties of various types of inks, the way these inks are deposited on the surface by the printer and how to use the ensemble of configurable properties of each of these elements in order to produce the most spectacular image for the client.


The team of Simon Brisson has developed for many years methods aimed at eliminating compromises on quality while maintaining prices that are among the lowest in the market. Our approach is centered around the client, to whom we bring our knowledge in the field of printing in order to determine the ideal materials and inks for the project.


We accompany each client through the process of creation and production by insuring that the client has the information needed to make choices that will lead to the desired result. We treat each mural like a dream in the process of becoming a reality, and our mission is to insure that the dream decor that you have contemplated becomes a reality which is just as spectacular.