General Questions

Can I cancel my order?

If your order has not yet been printed, you can still cancel it. However, be sure to contact us quickly, because once your decal or canvas has been printed we are no longer able to cancel the order.

How long will it take for my order to be printed and delivered?

In general, production begins within 10-15 business days after payment. You should also expect 1-3 days for shipping.

Mural decals


Are the decals easy to apply?

My wall was recently painted; how long should I wait before applying my decal?

My wall was recently painted; how long should I wait before applying my decal?

We recommend waiting at least 2-3 weeks after painting your wall to apply the decal.

What should I do prior to installation?

– Make sure the paint is completely dry (wait 2 to 3 weeks after the final coat).

– Spread out the printed panels on the ground in the room where your mural will be applied at least one hour before application.

– Remove outlet and light switch covers if applicable.

– Lightly sand the part of the wall where the decal will be applied, in order to remove any imperfections that could affect the final look of your mural. We recommend using a very fine-grit sanding sponge.

– Clean the wall with a microfiber cloth and lightly soapy water. Wait until the wall is completely dry before beginning application.

– Apply each panel by starting on either the right or left side, carefully aligning the edges, and cutting off any excess material with a sharp blade.

Do you provide all of the tools needed for installation?

Most of the tools you will need can be easily found at your local hardware store, but we do provide a squeegee, which is essential for a successful application.

Can I apply my decal outside?

The wall decals that we print are not designed for outdoor use.


What cleaning products can I use on my wall decal?

You can use a mild soap to clean the printed surface of your mural. Do not use chemicals on your decal, as they could destroy its surface.

Printing quality

Do you verify images before printing?

If you choose to use an image from shutterstock.com, we always pick the version with the best possible quality for your mural.

If you provide your own image, we take the time to make sure that the format is appropriate for your decal. If the image’s quality is not sufficient, we will contact you before proceeding with printing.

Removing the decal

How can I safely remove my decal?

All you have to do is pull gently on one of the corners of your mural. We recommended working from top to bottom.

If the decal has been on for several years, will it still be easy to remove?

The vinyl we use is designed specifically for interior walls, so the paint will not be damaged when you remove your decal.

Decal lifespan

How long do your murals last?

Our decals have a minimum lifetime of 5 years.

When laminated, they last even longer because they are protected from scratches.


Why should I laminate my mural?

Thanks to the laminating film, your mural will be protected from scratches and discoloration.

Laminated decals are also easier to apply.

We recommended laminated decals for spaces where people or objects might come in contact with the wall, such as hallways and commercial spaces.

Canvas prints


Do you offer home installation?

We unfortunately do not offer this service. We will soon be creating a video which will demonstrate how to safely install your print.


What materials are used to manufacture the structure of your canvas prints?

We use light, very durable, treated wood to ensure that your canvas print is of the highest quality and will have the longest lifespan.

Manufacturing issues

What should I do if my canvas print is scratched when it arrives?

Contact our customer service. The manufacturing team will help resolve your problem.